A Business Built From A Childhood Dream

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It’s hard for anyone to just build up a business from scratch. You wouldn’t believe the sorts of things you have to consider before you even start getting your hands dirty. Some people are happy to buy a property, write some signs and offer their services without any training. I can’t give much opinion on that because there are people who work freelance at home. Sometimes it’s easier to work in the comfort of your living room as long as you show you’re doing something. For those whose potential and future businesses need a home though, the property management prospect alone is enormous. That’s not even the half of it, either. The education, the training, the required street smarts, the interpersonal skills, the finances – there’s more stuff there than you can shake a stick at. Having all that and the required knowledge won’t always mean you’ll have a happy ending, either.
Sometimes you’ll want to go into an industry where there were hundreds before you, hundreds in the present and hundreds in the future. You can’t always win even if you have all the knowledge and finance you need. There could just not be a market or customer base for your services. That’s the sort of scenario that┬ápenny skateboards in UK founder Ben Mackay may have had to consider when starting his business. Still, he had the dream ever since he was a little boy. In fact, he was five years old when he decided he wanted to create what would turn out to be Penny Skateboards. His hard work and dedication made it possible. It’s really quite remarkable that a five year old would have a dream that he would actually carry out as an adult. I think when I was five I wanted to be a Samurai Pizza Cat. That didn’t even last very long.
Ben Mackay’s experiences as a child and adolescent continued to fuel his desire to build Penny skateboards. He’s still an avid skateboard enthusiast long after his more innocent days. Still, it was never smooth sailing. Dreams never come cheap so he had to work from the bottom to fund his ambitions and his hobby. Thanks to his experience at a place called┬ácustom penny boards he knew what it took to run his own skateboard business.
The dream finally became reality in 2011 when Penny Skateboards opened for business. Since then it has expanded to the extent that not only is it all over Australia but it has invaded the States as well. In fact, in an interview he stated that Penny Skateboards has taken off in 35 countries. That’s mightily impressive and a massive indication of the quality of his wares. After all, you couldn’t get off the ground in your own country if you were offering unpopular and shoddy services.
Not bad for a 5-year-old’s dream when most people would insist it couldn’t be done.